Iv San Bernard International Grooming Academy

The Iv San Bernard training center highlights the excellence and prestige that a grooming environment can have. Located in one of the most characteristic squares of Empoli, in the city center, the academy offers an elegant and practical design.

The large training room can host an audience of over 80 seats, reserved for future groomers and those who aspire to perfect their professional skills. The teaching is led by Monique Van De Ven, one of the best known and expert personalities in the canine dermocosmetics sector, who joins the company from the outset, spreading the Iv San Bernard philosophy throughout the world. Theoretical lessons are combined with practical courses in which the fundamentals of grooming and the specific techniques for each breed are applied; all this is achieved through the use of the most advanced technologies.


  • Professional Course: professional training course (2 months)
  • Technical Course: technical specialization course (daily or weekly)
  • Exclusive Course: specialization course for show grooming and / or grooming competitions (daily)
  • Reset Course: course of correction of imprecise work practice and strengthening of the correct techniques (on request)
  • Celebrity Course: demonstration course + work shop with internationally renowned speakers (weekends)
  • Classic Course: course of hygiene education and maintenance of your dog for non-professionals (on request)


“International” is the adjective that best suits Monique Van de Ven: born in South Africa, grew up in the Netherlands and in Spain, collaborating with Iv San Bernard since the beginning in 1995, contributing to the international success of its products. Her training begun in the Netherlands where she obtained the A.K. Diploma. in “Domestic canine and feline management” in Heerewaarden (1973) and the Diploma in “Grooming and veterinarian assistance” at the DIBEVO academy, Utrecht (1975), in addition to studying animal genetics. From 1980 to today, Monique worked in Spain at the “Academy & Grooming Salon” in Sitges and the “Sinia Morera” veterinary center, and taught grooming, edited radio programs and publications on the world of grooming, including a book entitled ” Guía completa del peluquero canino “. Since 2002 she has been in charge of the Educational Department of Iv San Bernard, delivering grooming courses and pursuing the company’s philosophy.