Quality, training, innovation and a touch of fantasy: these are the ingredients that have established Iv San Bernard international success in the pet trade. From Tuscany, land of tradition, an absolutely innovative reality.


Born in 1995 from the eclectic mind of Mirco Aringhieri and his long experience in human cosmetics, today Iv San Bernard is, all over the world, synonymous with quality in the field of animal cosmetics. Thanks to the contribution of many experts, Iv San Bernard has developed a dozen cosmetic lines for dogs and cats, for a total of over 200 different products, from those for maintenance to those for show preparation. In this wide range you can find specific products for hair types and for SPA treatments, traditional and innovative cosmetics, and professional products for coat care.

The continuous attention to new trends to follow or to create has then led Iv San Bernard not only to specialize in the production of the highest quality equipment, but also to create a furniture line that is captivating in look and that has a special eye to quality. In addition to providing the material to furnish a grooming salon, the Iv San Bernard staff also offers groomers advice on how to best furnish the workplace, putting functionality and design on the same level. The old and unattractive concept of "dog washer" is now obsolete: a professional, comfortable and tasteful environment is the right way to welcome customers, whether they are two or four-legged.

Another focal point is to put the groomer and his training at the centre: for over ten years, in fact, the company has been organizing both grooming courses for beginners and in-depth seminars for the more experienced, relying on its most skilled teachers, such as famous Monique Van de Ven, Iv San Bernard international technician. In Italy and abroad, the Iv San Bernard philosophy is spread through a training program carried out in various Academies famous all over the world: 14 schools located in Italy, Spain and China work together so that the theoretical and practical elements are founded to form the correct approach to the world of animal grooming and cosmetics.

However, the drive towards internationalization passes not only from training (which is also pursued with commitment worldwide, organizing internships all over the world, from Russia to Taiwan, to the USA) but also from the strength of the export office: Iv San Bernard sells in over 30 countries around the world, including China.

Furthermore, since 2018 Iv San Bernard is the first company in the world to be certified by "Safe Pet Cosmetics" for product compliance: a voluntary protocol to which companies that are committed to protecting the health and dignity of the animal adhere, applying the same rules that regulate cosmetics for humans and committing to spread the culture of animal protection with a specific Certificate of Conformity.

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