We are a shop / boutique specialized in the care and well-being of your dog and cat; located in the fantastic district of Sant Gervassi, in Barcelona.

Sappiamo che sta diventando più accessibile e più necessario portare i nostri animali domestici dal toelettatore, non solo per una questione di “look” ma anche per l’igiene. Una volta arrivati da CanCan Barcelona il tuo animale sarà coccolato dai nosti toelettatore con un risultato stupefacente.


Professional grooming course:

400-hour practice course aimed at those who want to devote themselves to the fascinating world of animals and work with them. You will come out with all the necessary knowledge to be a groomer and be able to embark on your own career path or work in any business dedicated to the animal world.

Course Content:

From day one it is 100% practical We study the anatomy, the type of skin and coat of the dog Handling and control of the dog Washing, drying and brushing techniques according to the different types of hair and breed All grooming techniques such as scissor cut according to the breed standard, stripping Use and maintenance of the material used in grooming Cosmetics applied to different types of skin and hair Techniques for customer service Different current provisions based on breed.

This professional course includes a student kit worth 600 euros, a diploma certified by IV San Bernard Italia and a groomer’s manual.

Grooming Asisstent Course:

Course content:

Practical course of 100 hours Basic principles of grooming Anatomy of skin and hair Handling and control of the dog All washing techniques, based on the different types of hair and the corresponding drying techniques. General dog hygiene (cleaning ears, eyes, nail trimming, anal glands, teeth washing). Includes a theoretical book and a certified diploma


Veronica Ayuso

Professional groomer and iv san bernard teacher: 

Professional groomer with over 10 years of experience dedicated to 100%, active competitor of championships and competitions of grooming and beauty with international recognition. She currently teaches grooming courses at the Iv San Bernard Academy and Seminars in Barcelona with a certified training in Italy and the Iv San Bernard dermo-cosmetology training. She is a lover and specialist in poodles and water dogs.