CVN & Grooming Academy by Franco Marono e Roberta Rossi

The Iv San Bernard central office located in Aversa which has as its principal mission the education and training of groomers in order for them to carry out work in total respect for cats and dogs.


  • Basic Course: gives beginners the theoretical elements and practical base to get a proficient overview of the grooming profession, managing one’s own shop and gaining access to the next steps in training. (400 hours)
  • “Face to Face” Course: a personal course in every sense of the word, flexible in both schedule and contents, to meet the needs of the student and fill gaps in knowledge. (1-2 days)
  • Classic Course: gives the possibility to perfect basic techniques, from scissor cutting to stripping, to improving precision and the necessary familiarity and to enhance talent. (on request)
  • Finishing Course: a course focused on techniques and specific products for the finishing and preparation of shows and expositions. (1-2 days)
  • Spa Course: reserved for clients who have acquired the Iv San Bernard machines for hydrotherapy and ozone-therapy. (1-2 days)
  • Advanced Stripping Course
  • Cosmetology course and use of Iv San Bernard products
  • Grooming Assistant Course
  • Specific course on the following breeds: Golden Retriever, Cocker, Scottish, Shih Tzu, Soft Coated, Terranova, Schnauzer and Persian Cat
  • Massage and Stretching course


Francesco Marono

Francesco was very young when he started his career as a groomer. In 1996 he opened his salon and started to use Iv San Bernard products. Satisfied with the results, he accepted the invitation to a first Iv San Bernard internship: the first of many that would lead him to becoming one of the Iv San Bernard masters and to creating a real and true grooming academy. He is a specialist in stripping.

Roberta Rossi

Roberta learned the basics of the profession in an “old school” shop, but she always secretly cultivated the idea and dream that grooming could be something else, even just by giving herself and her shop the impression of greater professionality and modernity. With ideas like this, the meeting and harmony with Iv San Bernard was inevitable. In fact she became a Iv San Bernard master, specialising in cosmetology and in Golden Retriever preparation.