Shanghai Rui Zhe Pet Supplies Co. Ltd.

Shangahi Rui Zhe Pet Supplies Co., Ltd. is a group of people who loves animals and have been working in this pet industry since 1988.

All we want to do is to CREATE THE BEST LIFE FOR ANIMALS, and that is our philosophy.


  1. Skin Structure               (2 days)

-What is the philosophy for Iv San Bernard?

-Skin and Hair Structure

-Traditional line (Short/Medium/Long/Pek)

  1. Skin Dermatology              (4 days)

-Why are we looking at the skin and hair?

-Skin and Hair Structure(explaining more)

-Traditional line


-Traditional Plus line

  1. Skin Problem Solution            (4 days)

-What is Pigment?

-Black Passion Line

-Caviar Line

-ISB Technique Line

  1. Skin Problem Solution & Technique (4 days)

-What is Dermatosis?

-How does the skin works?

-Mineral Red Line/Mineral Red Kit

-All other series

  1. Cat Aesthetics (4 days)

-Cat Skin and Hair Structure

-Basic Explanation and demonstration every series



Joanna Ye

Joanna started grooming since 2000,and from 2005 after looking at the amazing result by using Iv San Bernard, that is the moment which Joanna got in love with this Top European Brand .She spent more than 10years in learning and exploring in Iv San Bernard,She believes that she can help the life of the animals to become better ,only she knows what is professional.


After all these hard work,Joanna finally became the first authorized Iv San Bernard’s Lecture in Asia,and she knows that the path of learning and sharing the knowledge have no limits,it might not be easy but she will keep going.



-KCUA Asia Cynologique Federation Class A Groomer

-Paull Pet & Aquarium Grooming Director

-Paull International Pet Grooming Technique Consultant

-Animal of The Kingdom Academy President

-Iv San Bernard Academy Asia Grooming Technique Consultant & Lecture