Krisma's Animal Fashion by Mariolina Serafini

In an elegant and urban atmosphere, our cat and dog specialists welcome you for a break of wellbeing and health.

Krisma’s animal fashion, one of the most renowned cat and dog beauty salons in L’ Aquila, offers shampoos, trendy cuts and drying for your pet. Animals big and small benefit from a complete treatment for fur hygiene with grooming and aromatic baths, manicures, fur care for optimal relaxation and greater beauty for your four-legged friend.

Beyond grooming, Krisma’s Animal Fashion organises Grooming Courses during which the students get to know the profession thanks to an in-depth theoretical and practical study with daily exercises for the correct use of instruments and the management of machinery and grooming products.


    • Basic Course: gives the participant the theoretical elements and practical basis to get a proficient overview of the grooming profession, managing one’s own shop and gaining access to the next steps in training. (400 hours)
    • “Face to Face” Course: a personal course in every sense of the word, flexible in both schedule and contents, to meet the needs of the student and fill gaps in knowledge. (1-2 days)
    • Classic Course: gives the possibility to perfect basic techniques, from scissor cutting to stripping, to improve precision and the necessary familiarity and to enhance talent. (on request)
    • Finishing Course: a course focused on techniques and specific products for the finishing and preparation of shows and expositions. (1-2 days)
    • Spa Course: reserved for customers who have acquired the Iv San Bernard equipment for hydrotherapy and ozone-therapy. (1-2 days)
    • Specific courses on the following breeds: Poodle Spaniels (cocker-setter), Stripping breeds


Mariolina Serafini

Marolina Serafini has always had a great passion for animals which brought her to initially work in a veterinary pharmacy–experience that taught her many things, helping her understand that what she wanted to do was work with animals. For over 15 years she has worked as a groomer, years during which Mariolina has never stopped learning about the subject to better know our four-legged friends. After the basic course in Modena, she took many other courses, which were followed by a specialisation in Cosmetic Dermatology.

From the start, thanks to her great passion for cat and dog grooming, a joint venture was born with Iv San Bernard, an Italian company like hers, which also finds its centre in animal wellbeing.

Krisma’s Animal, which became an official Iv San Bernard school in the spring of 2017, is a shop where Mariolina has been able to best express herself.