Gli Amici di Melindo by Sabino Sciancalepore

A course in 1999 at the Iv San Bernard Academy, to whose philosophy it would later remain loyal to, opening one of the school’s first branches, which is located in Barletta.

Pet shop, grooming and spa centre, Gli Amici di Melindo offers clients a wide variety of treatments like stripping, scissor cuts and preparation for competitions and expositions. Completing the picture is the possibility to take training courses, even periodically, certified by Iv San Bernard, and specialisation courses, even on Sundays, led by a qualified person chosen specifically to give excellent service to the participants. Among the in-depth courses we can find: Poodles, Bichon, Cocker, Airedale Terrier, Schnauzer, West Highland White Terrier and spa courses with focus on skin and fur.


    • Basic Course: gives the participant the theoretical elements and practical basis to get a proficient overview of the grooming profession, managing one’s own shop and gaining access to the next steps in training. (400 hours)
    • “Face to Face” Course: a personal course in every sense of the word, flexible in both schedule and contents, to meet the needs of the student and fill gaps in knowledge. (1-2 days)
    • Classic Course: gives the possibility to perfect basic techniques, from scissor cutting to stripping, to improve precision and the necessary familiarity and to enhance talent. (on request)
    • Finishing Course: a course focused on techniques and specific products for the finishing and preparation of shows and expositions. (1-2 days)
    • Spa Course: reserved for clients who have acquired the Iv San Bernard machines for hydrotherapy and ozone-therapy. (1-2 days)
    • Specific courses on the following breeds: Poodle Spaniels (cocker-setter), Stripping breeds


Sabino Sciancalepore

Sabino was very young when, seeing a groomer at work, he decided that it was going to be his line of work; and he was barely an adolescent when he started working as a groomer. In 1999 he enthusiastically attended the Iv San Bernard academy and remained loyal to the company by opening Gli Amici di Melindo in Barletta.

He did various internships with world famous groomers, and he participated in various national and international competitions, obtaining prestigious awards. (3rd place in the category of Zoomark Mediterranean (2000), 2nd place in the Spaniel category at the national competition held in Empoli in 2001, 2nd place in the category of Stripping at the national competition of Verbania in 2003 and 3rd place in the Poodle category in 2006 in Bellaria) He holds demonstrations for Iv San Bernard, e.g. at “SiZoo” in Barcelona (2005) and Zoomark 2013. In recent years, Sabino has continued to have success, like the “Special terrier” prize, obtained in 2015 during the For Four and the gold medal in “Free Stripping Class” during the Mediterranean Cup in 2017. The last certificate received was the “Platinum Certificate” awarded by Iv San Bernard to the most deserving instructors.