Can Xiu Xiu

For us, keeping dogs healthy constitutes a real and true philosophy of life and we are happy to say that our lives revolve around these four-legged angels.

Can Xiu Xiu, canine boutique, offers personalised consultation: the experience and knowledge of the team of professionals who work there allows them to recommend the best treatments for your four-legged friend. A deep interest in the care and health of dogs has led to this boutique specialising in different fields such as: acupuncture for animals and alternative therapies, seminars on specific diseases (alopecia X) and grooming and treatment demonstration days. Participation in the courses organised by Can Xiu Xiu ensures students an in-depth knowledge of the sector, specialising in dermatology, types of hair textures, cosmetics and different cutting techniques for high-level grooming.


    • Basic Course: gives the participant the theoretical elements and practical basis to get a proficient overview of the grooming profession, managing one’s own shop and gaining access to the next steps in training. (400 hours)
    • “Face to Face” Course: a personal course in every sense of the word, flexible in both schedule and contents, to meet the needs of the student and fill gaps in knowledge. (1-2 days)
    • Classic Course: gives the possibility to perfect basic techniques, from scissor cutting to stripping, to improve precision and the necessary familiarity and to enhance talent. (on request)
    • Finishing Course: a course focused on techniques and specific products for the finishing and preparation of shows and expositions. (1-2 days)
    • Spa Course: reserved for clients who have acquired the Iv San Bernard machines for hydrotherapy and ozone-therapy. (1-2 days)
    • Specific courses on the following breeds: Poodle Spaniels (cocker-setter), Stripping breeds


Maria Jose Guerrero

Specialised in German Spitz (Pomerania, Kleinspitz, Mittlespitz, Wolfspitz), I was born in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona) and, with my business partner Silvia, I share a great passion for the canine world. My passion for Pomeranians has brought me into the world of high-level canine beauty pageants, and I have travelled with my dogs throughout Spain, the USA, Canada, France, Italy, Monaco, Portugal, Austria, Finland and Sweden, participating in national, European, and international championships in which I was able to win thirty championships with my dogs. Since 2010, when I started my professional activity as a groomer, my interests have always been linked to the world of dogs, which is the reason I continued training in Italy and Spain on different breeds with world-famous groomers. This has allowed me to offer our clients a high-quality service.