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Weight: 10kg Power supply: 230 volts (110 volts on request) Maximum total consumption: 800 watts Special mat: placed at the bottom of the bathtub. It has suction cups that adhere perfectly to the bottom, making it an integral part of the tank in which it is placed. Versatility and flexibility, do not come at the expense of resistance. The mat is so durable, that it is guaranteed to support any “weight”. Left fixed on the bottom of the tank, we could walk in it without compromising the constructive structure. Made of non-toxic plastic material, it is not attacked by normal detergents, even aggressive ones, for periodic cleaning. Ozone: with the inclusion of this function, the hydromassage becomes ozonated. The right amount of ozone produced, in water is transformed into oxygen and nascent oxygen. We have thus transformed the tub into a real spa facility for OZONE HYDROTHERAPY. Heater: it is a special electrical resistance, which allows the motor body to blow hot air, avoiding rapid cooling of the water in the tank in which the animal is immersed.   Art. R/KIT13 - Remote control for SPA machine Art. I/025 - Spa tub with mat Height: 34cm Width: 42cm Depth: 34cm Internal height of tray: 32cm

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